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About ETCC

EtherConnect provides safe investment plan and allowing customers to earn while drinking coffee. Using our tools anyone could build,watch and assist his own network of currency users and earn.

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What’s ERC20 ? The Ethereum token standard (ERC20) is used for Ethereum smart contracts Developed in 2015, ERC-20 defines a common list of rules that an Ethereum token has to implement. Giving developers the ability to program how new tokens will function within the Ethereum ecosystem. This token protocol became popular with crowdfunding companies via Initial Coin Offering ICO.

Etherconnect is new ethereum smartcontract- governed ecosystem that applies blockchain technologies using the value of our business schemes and investment ideas. A strong community united to grow together and create powerful economy. We are building not only strong community but working on various development projects to benefit from collective investment and grow profit in gross. We are working with real estate, airline ticketing, hotel reservation, holiday packages and car rental. Token will replace the banking transactions.

Why ETCC? ETCC is so faster, smarter and cheaper than Bitcoin because it’s on Ethereum blockchain. So ETCC helps people those suffer the delay and loss of transactions.

Road Map of ETCC

How an idea is being turned into live picture.

Comaptible Wallets

Here you can find the list of compatible wallets. Please note that you can't use exchange wallets and wallets like Coinbase to store your tokens or they will be permanently lost.

MyEtherWallet gives you the ability to generate new wallets so you can store your ETH & Tokens yourself, not on an exchange. This process happens entirely on your computer, not on MEW servers.

MEW are not web wallet. You do not create an account or give them your Ether to hold onto. All data is created on our computer/your browser, not their servers. It's not a website where you put your Ether and they store it for you. They just make it easy for you to save your wallet information in your browser/on your computer. Then they give you a place where you can access that information and do stuff with it.

  • Client-Side Javascript
  • Open Source
  • Free
  • Does not save your private keys
  • Design
  • Does not receive your private keys
  • Simple UI
  • Fast and easy
  • Generate unlimited wallets
  • Does not transmit your private keys

Ethereum Wallet

The Ethereum Wallet allows you to make two kinds of wallets - a simple wallet and a multisig wallet. The wallet runs on top of a full node so, be patient, it will take a while for the blockchain to be downloaded on your PC.

The wallet allows you to do more than just sending and receiving money. There is a whole section in there you can deploy contracts, manage contracts and interact with them. As well as add token contracts, which follow the standard token API.

  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Backup your keys
  • Manage multiple wallets
  • Manage multiple tokens
  • Absolute control of your ether
  • Support for ERC20 tokens
  • Simple wallet
  • Multisig wallet
  • You control your private keys

Parity Wallet

Parity is an Ethereum client that s integrated directly ito your web browser. Not only does it allow the user to access the basic Ether and token wallet functions, it it is also an Ethereum GUI browser that provides access to all the features of the Ethereum network including dApps.

Parity is a full node wallet, which means that you store the blockchain on your computer. The wallet is available for Ubuntu, OSX, Docker and Windows.

  • Open Source
  • Account and address-book management
  • Key creation, importing and exporting
  • Web3 Ðapp browser
  • Hardware and electronic cold-wallet support
  • Name registry support
  • Dapp browser and registration
  • ERC20 token balances and registration
  • High Performance
  • Easy to use

Ledger Wallet

You need a computer with an USB port, and a recent version of Google Chrome. The ledger hardware wallet can also be hooked up with other wallets like mycelium and coinkite.

The wallet interfaces with the computer through a Chrome application which you will need to install on your computer. The Ledger Wallet is self-sufficient and allows several coins to be used like BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, ZEC, STRAT and XRP.

  • It works on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • No additional software installation
  • Third party apps (BOLOS)
  • Screen 2FA
  • Multisignature support
  • Open Source firmware
  • FIDO U2F authenticator
  • USB connector
  • Ledger Wallet Chrome app
  • Ledger Manager Chrome app

What Do I Do?

How to view new token in your wallet?

  1. Open Ethereum Wallet and click on the "Contracts" tab.
  2. Click on "Add Custom Token".
  3. Enter Token Address, Token Symbol, and Decimals.
  4. Click "Ok" and your token will be added... And you are done!
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  1. Navigate to Applications in your wallet and find the Token Registry. (If it's not displayed by default, use the Edit button on top to toggle visibility of displayed DApps.)
  2. To register a new token with the Token Registry, we need the token address, decide on a 3-letter acronym (TLA), a token name, and specify the number of decimals.
  3. Once done, this will execute the register function of the Token Registry smart contract adding our token to Parity.
  4. Once deployed, the token is displayed in the registry among other registered tokens... And you are done!
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  1. First you need to make sure that your firmware is updated to 1.2.
  2. To manage your tokens, go to MyEtherWallet and select the "Send Tokens" tab. Plug your Nano S, select the Ethereum app and go to the settings of the app to activate "Browser support" and "Contract data". This will enable the direct connection to the browser and MyEtherWallet will be able to detect your device (note that if you wish to use the Ledger Ethereum Chrome application, you'll have to disable browser support).
  3. Select the base address you wish to manage.
  4. You can now receive and send tokens from your Ledger Wallet.
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The community is important for a project, because it is the place where different opinions and ideas meet.


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